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Wildlife and landscape photography is our passion. Wolf, bear, bison, elk, antelope, swift fox, black-footed ferret, songbirds, raptors, sheep, coyote, badger, grouse and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Hargreaves Photography focuses primarily on the Northern Great Plains and the Northern Rocky Mountains ecosystems.

We document the restoration and reintroduction of endangered or threatened species and landscapes while working closely with conservation organizations and government agencies.

We offer matted prints and note cards of our photography. Check out our new reduced note card prices! We are working on making digital images available for artists. New this year is our addition of sphereical panoramas!

We have included sample images throughout our web site and in our galleries. In order to facilitate web display, these images are low resolution and have been compressed to load faster. Our prints and cards are full resolution. All images are copyright protected. Thank you for visiting our site. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Hargreaves Photography captures high quality images of wildlife in their natural habitat and natural landscapes. Our focus is unique behaviors and attributes of the animal species and landscape locations. Our ideal location allows us easy access to the Northern Great Plains, Northern Rocky Mountain, and Greater Yellowstone ecosystems. We travel outside these areas as time and opportunity allow. We photograph only wild animals in their natural ecosystem.

Giving Back
We volunteer time and photographic services for specific projects. We contribute prints and note cards to organizations for fund-raising efforts several times a year.

We are located in Bozeman Montana, which is within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Bozeman, a town of 35,000 people, is home to Montana State University and is a focal center for environmental non-profit organizations in the Northwestern U.S.